Business Critical Services
Advanced Access

Updated January 14, 2013

The following chart identifies, by Product Family, the Symantec Software eligible for coverage under Symantec Business Critical Services - Advanced Access Product ("BCS-AA"). Purchase of BCS-AA for a specific Product Family will entitle the purchaser to BCS-AA for all Symantec Software identified below as part of that Product Family. Unless otherwise noted, all Product Titles will include all currently available Add-ons, Agents and Options.

Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings given in the Addendum for Business Critical Services or the Certificate setting forth terms and conditions for Business Critical Services - Advanced Access, as applicable. This list of BCS - AA products may be revised and updated by Symantec from time to time without notice.

Altiris Endpoint Management Family
Asset Management Suite
Client Management Suite
Deployment Solution
Inventory Solution
IT Management Suite
Mobile Management
Patch Management Solution
Server Management Suite
Service Desk

Backup Exec and System Recovery Family
Backup Exec
Backup Exec for Windows Small Business Server
System Recovery Desktop Edition
System Recovery Linux Edition
System Recovery Server Edition
System Recovery Small Business Server Edition
System Recovery Virtual Edition

Control Compliance Suite Family
Control Compliance Suite
Enterprise Security Manager
Risk Automation Suite

Critical System Protection Family
Critical System Protection
Critical System Protection Monitoring Edition

Data Loss Prevention Family
Data Insight
Data Loss Prevention
Data Loss Prevention Standard

Endpoint Encryption Family
Command Line
Desktop Corporate
Desktop Email
Desktop Home
Desktop Professional
Desktop Storage
Endpoint Encryption Device Control
Endpoint Encryption Full Disk Edition
Endpoint Encryption Removable Storage Edition
Key Management Server
Universal Gateway Email
Universal Server
Whole Disk Encryption
Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition

Endpoint Protection Family
Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection for Windows Embedded
Endpoint Protection Mobile Edition
Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition
Mobile AntiVirus for Windows Mobile
Mobile Security for Symbian
Mobile Security Suite for Windows Mobile
Protection Engine for Cloud Services (formerly Scan Engine)
Protection Engine for Network Attached Storage (formerly AntiVirus for Network Attached Storage)
Protection for SharePoint Servers

Enterprise Vault Family
Enterprise Vault

Endpoint Virtualization Family
Workspace Virtualization
Workspace Streaming
Workspace Corporate
Workspace Remote

Messaging Security Family
IM Manager
Mail Security for Domino
Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange
Message Filter powered by Brightmail
Messaging Gateway powered by Brightmail
Messaging Gateway Small Business Edition powered by Brightmail
Premium AntiSpam
Protection Engine for Cloud Services (formerly Scan Engine, AntiVirus for Caching and AntiVirus for Messaging)
Protection Engine for Network Attached Storage (formerly AntiVirus for Network Attached Storage)
Traffic Shaper powered by Brightmail
Web Gateway

Mobility Family
App Center
Mobile Management
Mobile Management for Configuration Manager
Mobile Security

NetBackup Family
NetBackup Appliances
NetBackup PureDisk
NetBackup RealTime
NetBackup Storage Migrator
OpsCenter Analytics

Network Access Control Family
Network Access Control
Network Access Control Mobile Edition
Network Access Control Starter Edition

Security Information Manager Family
Security Information Manager

Storage Foundation and Clustering Family
Cluster Server
CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter
CommandCentral Storage
Disaster Recovery Advisor
Dynamic Multi-Pathing
Operations Manager
Storage Foundation
Storage Foundation Basic
Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC
Storage Foundation for Sybase ASE CE
Storage Foundation for Windows
Virtual Store
Volume Replicator

Symantec Multi-tier Protection (and Small Business Edition)
Endpoint Protection Product Family
Messaging Security Product Family

Symantec Protection Suite (Enterprise and Small Business Editions)
Endpoint Protection Product Family
Messaging Security Product Family
Network Access Control Product Family
Backup Exec and System Recovery Product Familys