Changes which take place when Software Updates have been revised

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Report for PM 6.2: View Software Update Tasks with disabled advertisements.

Tasks With Disabled

Import this xml to the Reports; displays listing of Policies that have disabled advertisements, and the right-click > Open will allow for viewing the individual Software Update Policy. This works for PM 7.1, SP1, SP2, MP1.x & 7.5.

Software Update Policy_Disabled Advertisements.xml (9.4 KB)

PM 7.X: SQL Script that details all current Software Update Policies enabled and their respective Guid, and a SQL Script to set the status of each policy to 'disabled' where Guid = respective Guid. - Warning: ensure current backup of database is in place prior to executing scripts that manually alter console items. Note: this doc is a .sql doc to maintain integrity of the scripts.

Find & Disable Software Update Policies.sql (772.0 B)

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