Access Licensing, Downloads and MySymantec

Licensing and Downloads have Changed

Account Based Entitlement View has now been launched to all customers enabling Licensing and Download functionality via the My Products tab in MySymantec.

Click MySymantec below to be redirected to the new My Products experience or click the appropriate portal link to be redirected to the legacy experience.

On February 18th, links to Legacy Enterprise Security and Network Protection Licensing will be removed. All licensing is now performed in MySymantec 



Create and Manage Cases, Licensing, Downloads, RMAs

Security Analytics Downloads

Download your Security Analytics Product Software


Legacy Licensing and Downloads


Enterprise (Symantec) Security Licensing

Access your Enterprise Security Licenses

Enterprise (Symantec) Security Downloads

Download your Enterprise Security Product

Network Protection (Blue Coat) Licensing

Access your Network Protection Licenses

Network Protection (Blue Coat) Downloads

Download your Network Protection Product

Migrating to MySymantec February 18   Migrating to MySymantec February 18