Network Protection EOL Policies

Network Protection EOL Policies

End-of-Life Documents

The following identify key dates for platforms and software that have reached end-of-sale, end-of-maintenance, or end-of-life in their product life cycle (these are listed by model/version number).


In the course of developing and delivering innovative and functionally richer products that address customer needs, Symantec may from time to time discontinue certain products, platforms and models. Symantec Product End-of-Life Policy for Network Protection Products is intended to provide information to help customers plan the evolution of their environment and make more informed purchase, support and upgrade decisions.


Appliance: The Equipment with the OSS.

Symantec Network Protection Software Products: Network Protection Products offered by Symantec only in software form.

End of Life (EOL): The last date support is available for the applicable product. This is the last date Symantec will respond to any issues with the product. After this date, all support services for the product are unavailable, and the product becomes obsolete.

End of Maintenance (EOM): The last date defects will be fixed for an OSS release. After this date, Symantec will no longer commit to develop, repair, maintain or test the OSS.

End of Sale (EOS): The last date the applicable Equipment may be purchased.

Equipment: The physical product, or platform and its physical components.

Long Term Release (LTR): Minor Release of OSS that will be supported for a minimum of 3 years from designation as an LTR or a minimum of 2 years after EOM notification, whichever date occurs later.

Standard Release: Minor release of OSS that will be supported for a minimum of 1 year after EOM notification.

Operating System Software (OSS): Symantec Network Protection Products operating system software.


OSS Release Nomenclature:

Major Release (x)

Significant new functionality or major architectural change to the previous version of the OSS.

Minor Release (x.y)

New features added to the OSS to enhance capabilities, improve usability and serviceability.

Maintenance Release (x.y.z)

Primarily meant to fix bugs and OSS defects, although limited OSS enhancements may be included.

Patch Release (x.y.z.a)

Resolves one or more specific OSS defects, made available to a limited set of customers.



This policy applies to Symantec Network Protection Appliances that reach End of Sale date after April 30, 2010 and does not apply to Symantec Network Protection Software Products.

Symantec reserves the right to modify this policy for specific products as business demands justify. This policy and any modifications to this policy including notices and information regarding EOS, including the last date to order new Appliances, renew support contracts and suggested migration path(s) for the affected Appliances will be posted on the Policies section of the Symantec web site.

a. Network Protection Apliances are typically supported for at least five years from the Appliance purchase date for customers under active maintenance agreements. The actual EOL date for each Appliance may vary and will be the later of (i) 5 years from the purchase date, if the purchase is made prior to the end of the fiscal quarter in which an EOL notification is issued and (ii) the EOL date, which date shall always be issued by Symantec with two years' advance notice. The five years of support availability for Appliance purchases made after the Symantec fiscal quarter in which the EOL notification was made will be prorated and will relate back to the last day of that fiscal quarter in which the EOL notification was made. In order to achieve full support availability, customers must have continuous support with no gaps in coverage. Commencing on the EOL notification date and during the period until EOL date, Symantec will continue to provide:

(i) technical support;

(ii) spares or replacement parts for Equipment in accordance with the Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process. If an identical appliance or component is not available, Symantec will replace with a similar or better; and

(iii) a supported version of OSS that is compatible with the Equipment, subject to (b)(iv) below.

b. OSS support will be as follows:

(i) In general, Symantec will support a given Major or Minor Release of OSS for a minimum of 180 days from EOM notification, unless the Release is designated as a Standard or Long Term Release.

(ii) In the event Symantec designates a specified Release as a Standard Release, such release will be supported for a minimum of 1 year from EOM notification.

(iii) In the event Symantec designates a specified Release as a Long Term Release, such release will be supported for a minimum of 2 years from EOM notification.

(iv) Customers may be required to upgrade to the latest OSS release in order to correct a reported problem.

c. For some software releases (Symantec Network Protection Software Products or OSS), the EOM and EOL date will be the same. If the EOM date is not specified on the Policies section of the Symantec web site, the EOM date is the same as the EOL date.

d. Customers are advised to move to the most current Maintenance Release (x.y.z) for the given Minor Release (x.y).  For purposes of clarification, bug fixes and limited enhancements (if applicable) will be provided on the most current Maintenance Release only during the applicable notice period.

e. The Symantec support services outlined above require a current support contract for the Symantec Network Protection Product. Support contracts that have not been renewed timely or have lapsed after 12 months of the EOS date are not renewable. Renewal of support contracts will generally be available until the last year of support, but will not extend beyond the EOL date. Please contact your Symantec sales representative or Symantec channel partner regarding fees payable during the period between EOS and EOL

This product end-of-life policy applies generally to Symantec Network Protection hardware platforms. The diagram below outlines Symantec’s standard product end-of-life transition timeline, and describes what Symantec partners and customers can expect on or after each key date.

Symantec Network Protection Product End-of-Life Transition Timeline

*   An End-of-Sale announcement will be posted on the Symantec Customer Support web site at least 30 days before the scheduled End-of-Sale date.

** Limited Support after the End-of-Maintenance date (charges apply) is defined as follows:


The three key dates are as follows:

End of Sale – the last day for order acceptance and all orders to be delivered within 30 days

End of Maintenance – the last day for full Symantec support (with maintenance contracts) on software and hardware End of Life – the last day for Symantec limited support

End of Life – the last day for Symantec limited support

As defined in the standard support contract, Symantec also has a software support policy applicable to hardware platforms that are either currently selling or in the three-year full maintenance period after End of Sale. The software support policy is as follows:

Support of Software Releases

The Symantec release number hierarchy is as follows:

Major – Dot – Minor – Dot – Maintenance

Example: In the table below, XOS version 9.0 is a major/minor version and its maintenance release XOS 9.0.1 is not shown.

  1. Symantec will provide Full Software Support Services for the then- current Major/Minor Release of an XOS Product and for two (2) preceding Major/Minor Releases (inclusive of any maintenance/patch Releases that may have been part of a prior Release).
  2. Symantec shall also provide “Limited Software Support” for all earlier Releases, trailing back sequentially to the most recent Minor Release of the Major Release that is three Major Releases earlier than the most recent Major Release. Support of older Releases shall be subject to mutual agreement.

The following chart illustrates, by way of example, which Major/Minor Releases of a product would have Full Software Support according to paragraph 1 and which would have Limited Software Support per paragraph 2 above, after the additions of new releases indicated in BLUE and resulting support status changes to previous XOS versions shown in ORANGE):

“Limited Software Support” means that:

  • - Technical Assistance will be provided, but Symantec makes no commitment regarding Restoration Time, Workaround Time, or Fault Correction Time
  • - Symantec will correct Priority Critical errors, but may do so through a Patch, without incurring any obligation to create a Maintenance Release in addressing the problem
  • - No new Documentation will be provided for Releases in Limited Support
  • - No further training courses will be offered for Releases in Limited Support
  • - Incompatibilities between Releases in Limited Support and versions of (generally supported) third party application (ISV) software made available after the start of Limited Support will not be addressed.

Symantec strives to continuously bring useful and new technology to market to keep your networks secure. It is our goal to provide the best service and support to all Security Analytics customers, and to be clear and upfront about transitions in our products’ lifecycles, so you can plan and budget accordingly.

Hardware End-of-Life (EOL) Policy

This policy applies to the following Security Analytics (formerly Solera Networks) hardware.

– Solera Networks DeepSee Gen 5 (Blue Coat Security Analytics Gen 5) Appliance and Storage Hardware (DSA-…)

– Blue Coat (Symantec) Security Analytics Gen 6 Appliance Hardware (SA-…-G6)

All prior Solera Networks appliance products have reached EOL. Current Security Analytics appliance products (SA-S500-…, SA-J5300-…, SA-E5660-…) are covered by the general Network Protection EOL Policy.

For products covered by the Security Analytics Hardware EOL Policy as outlined above:

– Symantec will provide three (3) months’ notice prior to a hardware product’s End of Sale (EOS), at which time the product will no longer be available for order.

– Symantec will deliver product support for a period of three (3) years following original purchase, provided a valid service contract is maintained on the product.

– Software will be supported according to the applicable Software EOL Policy. In addition, the last minor release available on the hardware platform before EOS will continue to be supported for the duration of the hardware EOL support. Software support may include bug fixes, maintenance releases, work-arounds, and patches for critical bugs.

– Hardware replacement or replacement parts will be available for three (3) years following the original purchase date, provided a valid service contract is maintained on the product. At Symantec’s discretion, hardware may be replaced with similar or equivalent product.

– Support contracts may be renewed up to the EOL date, which is three years from the date of original purchase.

Software EOL Policy

This policy applies to Symantec (Blue Coat) Security Analytics version 7.x software. Prior versions of the software (under the Solera Networks DeepSee name) have reached EOL. Subsequent versions of Security Analytics (version 8.0 and beyond) will be covered by a separate policy.

– Symantec will provide support for current and two previous major or minor releases of software, or twelve (12) months after each major or minor release, whichever is greater.

– For example, if the previous three major and minor releases were version 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0, support will be provided for all three. In this case, if version 1.4 had been released less than twelve (12) months prior to the current date, support for that version will also be available.

– Software support includes bug fixes, maintenance releases, work-arounds, and patches for critical bugs.

– Software support for versions older than the two most recent software versions will be limited to critical security vulnerabilities. Critical security vulnerabilities are defined as software vulnerabilities with a Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVVS) v3.0 score of 8.0 or greater.

– A product must be covered on a valid, paid support contract to receive support. Support contracts may be renewed for the duration of the EOL cycle, but cannot lapse during this time and be re-instated later.

Key Terms

End-of-Life (EOL) Policy – The policy covering End-of-Sale (EOS) announcement through EOL for a product.

End of Life (EOL) – The last day that a product will be supported by Symantec.

End of Sale (EOS) – The last day that a product will be available for order from Symantec.

Major Release – Each Security Analytics release includes three numbers (x.y.z). The “x” represents a major release.

Minor release: – The “y” in the x.y.z nomenclature above represents a minor feature release.

Maintenance release: – The “z” in the x.y.z nomenclature above represents a maintenance release.


Technical support will be performed in accordance with the terms and conditions published at, or successor URL, and Symantec’s then-current technical support policies.