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NOW LIVE: MySymantec Updates

On November 18th we will be introducing a number of enhancements to MySymantec to assist in the management of products, licenses, downloads and case creation. 


ABEV for Everyone

Over the past few months we have been piloting new capability in MySymantec called ABEV (Account Based Entitlement View). This capability replaces the existing licensing portals and brings entitlement management, key generation and software downloads altogether in one place under MySymantec. Our pilot users have been extremely receptive of the positive changes we have made to this process.


Partial License Key Generation

Provides customers with the capability to split one large license key into smaller keys for deployment onto separate machines without having to call customer care. This capability only applies to Symantec products that are activated by a license file with a ‘.slf’ file name extension, for example SEP Endpoint Protection. With this capability customers can also return previously created partial keys that can then be reused to create new keys with different quantities. This document will explain the new process Partial Licence Key Generation introduced to MySymantec


Software Downloads

Enables customers to download the software for their entitlements instead of having to go to a separate software download portal. Simply log into MySymantec, select the ‘My Products’ tab and select the appropriate entitlement in the Products list to access the software downloads. This document will explain the new process Software Downloads introduced to MySymantec


Network Protection Licensing 

Network Protection Licensing Portal (NPLP) Capabilities of Swap, Add-Ons and Upgrade into the ABEV allowing customers/partners to carry out these tasks directly within the ABEV without the need to visit the legacy NPLP portal. This document will explain the new process Network Protection Licensing Capabilities introduced to MySymantec

Partner Permissions

Introducing Partner Permissions capability that determines what Resellers & Partners can view in their ABEV and this is dependent on the relationship with their end customers. This document will explain these access permissions Partner Permissions introduced to MySymantec


Novermber 30th: Case Create Improvements

The case creation process is being significantly simplified to make it easier to create cases through MySymantec. Some enhancements include:

  1. Reduced time, effort and screens to raise a case
  2. Search for product/entitlement by Serial Number
  3. Track internal incident numbers on the Symantec Case
  4. ClientNet Case Management Enhancements



Now Live: Entitlement Grouping

A new Entitlement Grouping capability will be launched enabling administrators to restrict user access to entitlements within the ABEV with the overall goal of improving your account security. This capability is part of the new Account Based Entitlement View (ABEV for short) that is being rolled out to customers in phases. To learn more about ABEV and this new capability check out the resources below.

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Starting May 21st: Account Based Entitlement View

Starting May 21st, we are launching new Entitlement Management capabilities in MySymantec to select groups of users with the goal to have everyone moved across over the coming months. This new feature is available in the ‘My Products’ tab and enables you to view all purchases as well as access your product software and license keys.

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Now Live:  Case Export Ability on MySymantec

Effective June 18th, users will have the ability to export their case list view to .CSV format via the MySymantec Support Portal providing users with additional flexibility when managing their open/closed cases.


Now Live: Security Advisories moving to Support

We are pleased to announce that the Symantec and Network Protection Security Advisories have now been consolidated onto the Symantec Support site. This change enables you to view, filter and search for Security Advisories all in one place.

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Now Live: Online Profile & Notification Management

Effective May 17th, when accessing My Account from the universal header you’ll be presented with a new and improve profile experience providing you one centralized location to manage your profile, account and notification preferences.

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Now Live: Managing Support Contact Access and Permissions

Administrators in MySymantec will be able to manage the Support Contacts that have access to their accounts. This new tab lists all contacts associated to the account with assigned access permissions. 

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Now Live: MySymantec Case Detail Simplification, Merging Plan of Action with Next Steps

Effective April 27th 2018, when viewing case details via the MySymantec portal / Cases tab, the Plan of Action object found under the Related tab will be merged with the Next Steps object.

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Diagnostic Tools

SymDiag Download

Learn about and download the Symantec Diagnostic Tool (SymDiag), which helps identify common issues, gathers data for support-assisted troubleshooting, and links to additional support resources.


SymDiag .cloud

Identify common product performance and configuration issues using SymDiag Cloud SYSINFO Self Help Analysis for ProxySG.