Luminate Secure Access Cloud (TM) supports various access scenarios for remote desktops. Microsoft RDP protocol is one of the technologies that can be used. Below step-by-step process describes the required setup both on the server side and on the Luminate Admin Portal.

info_image.jpg The process assumes access to Ubuntu Linux (although, of course, the same procedure can be applied to any other Unix capable of running XRdp. Additionally, the process assumes Windows as a workstation of an end-user running RDP Client software. Naturally, other desktop operating systems and different RDP client applications can be used.


1. Deploy XRDP server on the Linux Server. There are multiple guides describing how to perform this operation, for example this:


2. Configure an RDP Application, as described in this guide


3. Connect to the RDP Application from the Luminate Applications Portal, as described in the guide referenced in the previous step and log in as a local Linux account